Monday, August 18, 2008


I just love My Sky - I love being able to scroll back and replay time and time again (as long as the programme has been running for a while :-) - BUT why can't this be done with radio broadcasts? How often do you wait for the weather report or to catch the name of some one talking and find out you've been distracted or drifted off into a reverie, and totally missed what you'd been hanging around for. Just think of going back and making sure that you really heard the last off- the- cuff statement. Well, perhaps this technology might just be like the curate's egg!

Oh, I know that you can search for the podcast later but I want to direct the remote at the dial and whizz back then and there.

Flicking thru Flickr

Checking out the mosaic maker on Flickr:

Think I'll have a go at this, well I'm well intentioned about having a go at it.
The other tool that fascinates me is making the cube:
so i've tucked this away for further exploration.

Keep Going

Well, it's amazing what you find:
I think this is a gem and quite inspirational - I'm going to think about some of the many images I've taken over the years - favourite places, favourite people.

Keep going - very apt for this stage that I'm at in so many ways


Well, another hurdle passed. I had previously attempted commenting on a blog, but by the time I had composed my thoughts in a form for public viewing couldn't get past the step of having the comment published.

Slowly, slowly, slowly . . .

Friday, August 1, 2008

One small step ....

Well, here I go a first step out into the world - let's see what happens from here

Why do I keep thinking of the picture book " More, More, more" said the baby?